2008 Veterans Day
Freedom is not Free
Tonasket School Assembly 11/10/2008
Many thanks to the Tonasket High School Students and Staff for their hard work in making this
year's event such a success!

An excerpt from THS ASB Advisor, Anita Asmussen's email to us follows:

"Please find attached the narrative from a 10th grade student Shelby Olma THS ASB VP of Publicity.  I also
want to add "thank you" for putting us on the website, and for letting veterans know to bring in or email
pictures, books, stories, etc....  I had several emails and Veterans bringing in photos and stories that truly
touched my heart as well as my students.  We see photos of war all the time, but to hear the stories first
hand with the photos made all the difference.  I believe my students as well as the community connected
more with this assembly than in the last 12 plus years I have been putting on the Veterans Day Assemblies.  
I know it touched me more.   I just want people to know how much I appreciate their stories, photos, and

Anita Asmussen - THS ASB Advisor
Tonasket High School
Freedom Is Not Free
By Shelby Olma student
THS ASB VP of Publicity

The Tonasket High School put on their annual
Veterans Day assembly Monday, November 10,
2008. The ASB student council had a wonderful
day planned. They put together a poem contest
where the student body was asked to create
poems regarding Veterans Day, the poems were
judged and the 4 people got to recite the poem
that they created at the assembly. Aaron Doner
recited his poem “Soul of America” Hannah
Schell recited her poem “Stand For The Flag”
Maria Olea Perez recited her poem Thank You
(To Our Soldiers) and Kristany Fitzthum closed
our poem contest by reciting her poem
“Marching Down the Muddy Road”. Along with
the poems the Tonasket High School had a
guest speaker Sergeant Josh Evans who is a
former Tonasket high school graduate. The
whole school had been working extremely hard
on a fund raiser for the U.S. Armed Forces
Legacy Project. A penny drive began two weeks
before the Veterans Day Assembly. The classes
all contributed for their chance to have the honor
of giving the raised money to the U.S. Armed
Forces Legacy Park Project. This year our
school did a fantastic job and raised a grand
total of $1,137.00. We couldn’t be prouder of our
students. The Freshmen Officers presented the
check on behalf of the entire student body and
staff. ASB Officers and Class officers read a
Poem “Freedom is Not Free” and presented
several Veterans with roses. The Veterans Day
Assembly brought tears to many eyes as we
closed with a movie of all of our local heroes.
Thank you to everyone that helped make this
day a memorable one and to everyone who
contributed to our fund raiser, it was greatly
appreciated and also a big thank you to all the
veterans who came, send pictures, stories, and
other items.  If you would like your photo on next
year’s i-movie, or if you have stories to share, or
if you are interested in being a guest speaker at
next year’s assembly, please email THS ASB
Advisor Anita Asmussen at