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About the Legacy
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The US ARMED FORCES LEGACY is both a project and an organization
located adjacent to the city of Tonasket Washington.   The city has
provided about one half acre of land on a 99 year lease for the Legacy
organization to build the project.  This parcel of land lies adjacent to
Highway 97 on the west, and is bordered on the north side by Tonasket
city limits .  The specific purpose of this organization is building and
maintaining the 'LEGACY'. It differs from a memorial in that it accepts
names of living veterans as well as those who are deceased.  The
Legacy is a 501 (C) 3 organization making your donations tax deductible.

This organization encompasses veterans from all branches of military
service; active duty, retired, or honorably discharged.   Memberships are
$20.00 per year, and anyone can be a member, whether or not they are
military.   Life memberships are available at a prorated cost, based on

The Legacy will include a wall with name plaques of those who gave
some and those who gave all.  Columnar basalt pillars will border the
parking lot on one side.  Other pillars will support the wall with the name
plaques attached.  Five larger Pillars will surround a Flag pole and a
fountain.  Each branch of the military service will be represented by a

A service office, staffed by a Service Officer will be available to provide
veterans assistance in applying for or understanding their benefits.  A  
small library will be in the same building. A foot bridge across Bonaparte
creek on the north is also planned.