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This organization encompasses veterans from all branches of military service; active duty, retired, or honorably       
discharged.   Memberships are $20.00 per year, and anyone can be a member, whether or not they are military.
Only Veterans can hold office, but all members can vote.  Life memberships are available at a prorated cost, based on  
age.  Specific rates can be found on the application.

Annual Membership Form (Printable)

                                        Lifetime Membership Form with Rates (Printable)

Sponsor a Plaque                     

Plaques for a veteran cost $100.00.  They will have a veterans name, rating-rank, branch,                                                
dates of service, and will be on the wall forever.  When ordering a wall plaque, evidence of                                                
military service is required.  The DD 214 is the best piece of evidence.  Others include:                                                     
Military discharge, letter from US War Dept telling of the veterans service in the military, a                                                 
written report from showing the veterans military service, wartime newspaper                                                
clipping about the veterans service,  page from a local history book showing veteran was in                                              
the service,  photo of the veterans grave-headstone,  letter from the US Dept of Veterans                                                 
Affairs documenting service, copy of the active duty I. D. Card or a copy of military orders.

 Plaque Sponsorship Form (Printable)

Donations by Individuals and Businesses/Corporations

Monetary Donations can be sent directly to the USAFL c/o US Bank, PO Box 854, Tonasket, WA  98855.  

Special recognition is available at the project for individual donors and businesses who wish to make contributions at
various levels.  Please contact us for details.

Donations of time and materials are also appreciated.  Please email us at